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1. Конструктивный конденсатор, содержащий диэлектрический материал, покрытый с двух сторон токопроводящим слоем, отличающийся тем, что конденсатор встроен в сэндвичевую конструкцию панелей транспортных средств в качестве промежуточного заполнителя и представляет собой имеющий конструктивную прочность пластинчатый диэлектрический материал, покрытый с двух сторон электропроводящим слоем, причем диэлектрический материал имеет гофрирование.2. Конденсатор по п.1, отличающийся тем, что гофрирование производится в направлении, в котором данный конструктивный элемент имеет прямолинейные сечения поверхностей.3. Конденсатор по п.1, отличающийся тем, что гофры треугольной или трапецевидной в поперечном сечении формы.4. Конденсатор по п.1, отличающийся тем, что внутренние стороны оболочек сэндвичевой конструкции должны быть покрыты электроизолирующим слоем, например, стеклопластиком.5. Конденсатор по п.1, отличающийся тем, что гофры выполнены их прочной бумаги, пропитанной для прочности и для повышения диэлектрических свойств лаком или синтетическими смолами.6. Конденсатор по п.1, отличающийся тем, что при последовательном подключении конденсаторов в батарею конденсаторы меньшей емкости должны иметь параллельно подключенные конденсаторы любой конструкции такой электрической емкости, чтобы суммарные емкости всех последовательно соединенных конденсаторов были равны.

BARRETT, SILBERT S. 2012-02-24
摘要:This thermal energy technology uses the heat generated from underground power transmission cables to drive steam turbines or other similar technologies to produce electricity and steam. Solvent/fluid is pumped under pressure with a temperature differential between the exit point from the "heat exchange station" to the entry point of the proceeding station where the temperature is near or at the critical point. At this point, heat is extracted form the solvent to produce steam to drive a steam turbine which in turn drives a generator to produce electricity. Exhaust steam is used to provide space heating and hot water for industrial plant processing. Also, the hot solvent (water) is cooled and mixed with the condensate (steam) in a cooling tower or combined with cold water (300 C) to be pumped into the encasement around the cables to create the low temperature zone and the process is repeated at specific intervals along the entire length of the transmission cable system. Depending on the required energy load, the location of the heat exchange station is a function of distance travelled, flow rate and pressure of the solvent flowing over the power cables within the encasement acting as insulation. Not withstanding, the claims implied in this technology includes the generation of electricity or steam from an underground transmission power cable at any voltage or temperature. The lattice or cross-over configure of the encased cable is designed to optimized temperature and pressure by converging the cross flow at the points of heat extraction within the closed loop. Spent steam will travel from a condenser to a cooling tower and back into the flow direction away from intersection for both arms in the loop.
GEN ELECTRI 2011-06-28
摘要:A method and an associated apparatus for a signal rectification and timing circuit. A variable amplitude input signal is generated. An upper threshold level is determined and a lower threshold level is determined. The variable amplitude input signal and the upper threshold level are input into a first comparator. The variable amplitude input signal and the lower threshold level are input into a second comparator. A first digital output signal is generated in the first comparator using a hysteresis circuit and a second digital output signal is generated in the second comparator using a hysteresis circuit. The first digital output signal and the second digital output signal are input into a logic array. A digital level pulse output signal is generated in the logic array that has a digital transition where the variable amplitude input signal passed through a threshold level.

Светловая электростанция, содержащая осциллятор, включающий постоянные магниты, укрепленные на рычагах, которые подвешены на валу устройства электропитания, отличающаяся тем, что вал, на котором подвешены рычаги, соединен с обгонной муфтой, которая механически соединена с пружиной, приводом, передающим свои вращательные действия известным способом на ротор электрогенератора, а питание осциллятора и устройств, приводимых в действие осциллятором, осуществляется от фотопреобразователя.

摘要:An apparatus for exciting a rotating field pattern in a cavity containing an object, the apparatus comprising a radiating element configured to excite an electromagnetic (EM) field pattern in the cavity, wherein the EM field pattern is excited with EM energy at a frequency in the radio-frequency (RF) range, a field rotating element configured to rotate the EM field pattern, wherein the field rotating element has an anisotropy, the anisotropy selected from magnetic anisotropy, electric anisotropy, and a combination of magnetic and electric anisotropies, and a controller configured to determine the EM field pattern according to value indicative of energy absorbable by the object and to control the anisotropy of the field rotating element in order to rotate the EM field pattern.
摘要:Самовращающийся магнитный объект, содержащий два соосно вложенных друг в друга с небольшим зазором ферромагнитных тороида с боковым косокруговым намагничиванием, первый из которых - внутренний - закреплен на цилиндрическом магнитопроводе, а второй - наружный - внутри разъемного Ш-образного цилиндрического магнитопровода, внутренние цилиндрические концы которого расположены с малым зазором относительно цилиндрического магнитопровода первого ферромагнитного тороида, причем магнитные полюсы указанных магнитопроводов, обращенные друг к другу в их зазорах, являются одноименными, как и полюсы ферромагнитных тороидов в их зазорах.
摘要:1. Large Scale Nanofiber extruder. This device can be used to produce (novel - weakness of current technologies , the fibers they produce are too short) long nanofibers. Among other nanofibers produced we could produce, nano - (metals by melting) copper wires, aluminium, titanium, fiber glass, teflon/resin/rubber/polymer/nanotube/nanoparticles/strategically spread out carbon nanofibers and other such composite. As long as the material is reducible in to fluid (or will fit through the extruder hole - ideally even consistency) whether by heat - molt en metal or solvent/enzymes/catalysts. You could shred the input material and melt gas torch or plasma torch to a melting temperature of metals and then extrude via a piston or hydraulic press. We can have different sized pistons/hydraulic chambers and different sized extruder heads depending on desired length and diameter of nanofibers/wires and different shaped extruder heads. The extruder (perhaps multiple maybe lined up horizontally - producing multiple nanofiber/wires batches at once) head(s) can be made of platinum, to withsta nd the heat and pressure. We could consider a diamond extruder head, for metals such as stainless steel and platinum nanowires. As the extruded wire comes out, the nanowire could be covered with polymer o r resin or rubber to make the material less fragile. The nano copper - the minimum diameter that copper is still at an ideal malleability - or mixed with aluminium - wire which can be used to make nano circuit boards. We could extrude long lengths of very thin fiber glass for computer communication. Nano Fibers are light yet far stronger than any existing fibers, they can in addition to micro wiring also in better textile material, aerospace and planes, boats, cars, computing, medical, spray - like fiber glass on to resin (mixed with monomer - polymer) to reinforce (while maintaining flexibility) anything that requires fibers (could be spun) that are durable (yet either rigid or flexible/malleable depending on mix of materials used)... 2. Nano switch/diode/semiconductor. First we spread (by sorting mechanism or vibrating) the nanotubes or nano particles or perhaps even nano fibers (among other materials we are considering carbon na no tubes and even nano silicon wafer gallium arsenide, germanium, hafnium,) evenly on possibly a dimpled tray, where each dimple on the tray only allows one nanotube to fit in each. Then to run a static (electric or magnetic - well calibrated) charge underneath the tray that makes the nanotubes line up (repelled from the bottom). Then we use possibly a nano copperhead that has solder to bind the + side of the nanotube to the copper head Once created the nano switch/diode/semiconductor works as below (see DRAWING 3.): 1. nano switch/diode/semiconductors have negative charge connected to negati ve charge of battery therefore they repel. 2. nano switch/diode/semiconductors have negative charge connected to positi ve of the battery so the current passes. 3. battery. 4. charges positive/negative of the battery. 5. Centre layer adds additional layer of repelling charges (see 1.) and amphlyfies the current on the other side. This device could be adapted for use in semiconductors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, computers, cellular phones, digital audioplayers, other electronic devices. This invention, can also be used in: Integrated circuits; Laser; Light-emitting diode; Photodiode; Photoelectric devices; Semiconductor diode; Semiconductor rectifier; Transistor; Varistor... We could also run a magnetic field through the nano fibers. We could also amplify and use a very high and/or very low frequency (pitch, bass and/or tone) so our sensors can pick up (and separate from background noise) the transmission (on/off) switch of through the nano fibers.
VOON GERARD G V 2007-12-21

Nano radio walkie talkies that 1) can be switched from walkie talkie connection to 2) cellular phone world wide network with a flip of a switch, and/or 3) VOIP - 4) intern et capability (possibly plug and play into a lap top or note book and/or back pack compute r) and/or 5) e--mail, and/or 6) television and/or 7) movies library, and/or 8) text messaging and/or 9) stock market e-device, and/or 10) book down load reader, and/or 11) music down loa d, and/or 12) satellite television, and/or 13) satellite radio, and/or 14) tech language translator, and/or 15) micro/macro pattern mining and ranking of importance schedule planner (alarm ), and/or 16) Artificial Intelligence, and/or 17) mobile office software and document work sharing. We could make the components optional - modular plug and play with either docking, wire/socket connection and/or router Wii.

摘要:An electrical line conditioner or energy conservation device, a process of manufacturing thereof, and a method of use thereof. The energy conservation device, or electrical line conditioner, comprises at least two different electrochemically oxidized aluminum alloy units that may be placed near electrical lines or electrical panels or surround electrical lines to reduce energy consumption without compromising performance of a load. A first electrochemically oxidized aluminum alloy unit may be violet, a second electrochemically oxidized aluminum alloy unit may be black. The electrical line conditioner may further comprise a spacer and a band to secure the electrical line conditioner to electrical lines. The electrical line conditioner is produced using an anodizing process.
摘要:A method and system of generating multipolar electromagnetic energy from bipolar electromagnetic energy, comprising supplying bipolar electromagnetic energy to plural cascades in a bipolar electromagnetic circuit such that at least a portion of said bipolar energy is converted into multipolar energy therein and separating said multipolar energy from other forms of energy produced by said circuit.
摘要:The Remote Structure Utility control(RSUC) is a devise that is placed in a home or business that allows the user to turn the power on and off to different outlets remotely. The power can be turned on and off by using a cell phone, a landline, or the internet.
摘要:A differential output analog multiplier circuit utilizing four G<4>-FETs, each source connected to a current source. The four G<4>-FETs may be grouped into two pairs of two G<4>-FETs each, where one pair has its drains connected to a load, and the other par has its drains connected to another load. The differential output voltage is taken at the two loads. In one embodiment, for each G<4>-FET, the first and second junction gates are each connected together, where a first input voltage is applied to the front gates of each pair, and a second input voltage is applied to the first junction gates of each pair. Other embodiments are described and claimed.
摘要:This invention uses the new concept of converting RCA or YCbCr to your computer monitor(SCSI). Although all computers are different, the connection for the computer monitor may differ depending on the computer brand.
摘要:The (2) types of THE EDISON PERPETUAL MOTORS was used to show what they could do. That they could be used to make the Propulsion System of a Star Ship and to make Star Wars. Laser Guns shooting at Inter Continental Nuclear Missiles. These Perpetual Motors are Environment Friendly (They run with Magnetism) NOT Crude Oil Products. These Motors will give us the clean air that all the People and Governments of the World is after. These (2) types of THE EDISON PERPETUAL MOTORS will Excel the Industrial World and make a Super Race, and a better World to live in.
摘要:An effective method to create very large electronic displays forms the structure using fiber or tube arrays or electroded sheets containing wire electrodes. The electroded sheets are formed by embedding wire electrodes into the surface of a polymer substrate and electrically connecting a patterned transparent conductive electrode lines to the wires. The wire electrodes are used to carry the bulk of the current and the transparent conductive electrode is used to spread the charge or voltage from the wire electrode across the line of pixels. In most display applications, the electroded surface of the electroded sheet has to be flattened. The electroded sheets may be used to form many different types of displays.
摘要:A method and system of generating multipolar electromagnetic energy from bipolar electromagnetic energy, comprising supplying bipolar electromagnetic energy to plural cascades in a bipolar electromagnetic circuit such that at least a portion of said bipolar energy is converted into multipolar energy therein and separating said multipolar energy from other forms of energy produced by said circuit.
KWONG YOUNG DAE 2006-04-21

The present invention relates to an electric power saving apparatus wherein light energy is irradiated to a semiconductor device, with the light energy emitted when a voltage is supplied to a transmission line, such that the wavelengths of the electrons on the transmission line, along which a load-driving current flows are elongated, a nd the spin motions and vibration states of the electrons are stabilized, thereby reduci ng the collision of electrons in order to reduce the loss of energy, and wherein th e light energy irradiated to the semiconductor device is continuously supplied thereto, by the use of an infrared ray emitting diode during operation, thereby maintaining the power saving effects with stability and continuity.

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